Terms and Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions for Alcoda Software’s products and services.

Definitions and Interpretation

In the general conditions, these expressions following are given the following meanings:

Acceptable Use Policy –the policies of Alcoda Software for fair an acceptable use, as well as any third-party service providers, which may be changed at any time

Agreement –refers to the agreement between Alcoda Software and the customer regarding any services or products contained in these conditions

Company – refers to Alcoda Software

Confidential Information –refers to any information regarding business methods, ideas, marketing, lists of customers, customer details, software, services and products obtained from a third party that when disclosed could cause harm to any party

Customer –The party purchasing the software and receiving the services of Alcoda Software

Products – any software licensed or sold by Alcoda Software to customers, which may be changed at any time

Services –services provided by Alcoda Software to customers, which can include installation, sales or troubleshooting, and which may be amended from time to time


Any order confirmation or quotation acceptance made by the customer for any service or product shall be considered an offer to buy said product or service, as it complies with the conditions. This forms an agreement between the customer and Alcoda Software, which is confirmed by an email confirmation or some other form of written acknowledgement of the order. A contract will not be formed until this confirmation has occurred. All orders will be sent through email for verification purposes and to solve potential disputes.

Prices provided by Alcoda Software are only valid at the time of purchase. After that time. Alcoda Software reserves the right to alter the price. Alcoda Software also reserves the right to withdraw the quotation through contact with the customer.

The order cannot be cancelled by the customer if it has been made in accordance with the first paragraph of the Purchasing section of the Terms and Conditions. Products may only be returned by the customers if they do not meet their specifications or if they have workmanship defects.

These conditions can be changed at any time by Alcoda Software, and the customer is subject to those changes. Alcoda Software will always provide the most recent copy of these Terms and Conditions on this page, and it is the customer’s responsibility to check this page periodically for changes and updates. It will be considered sufficient notice for the customer of any changes for those changes to be posted to this page.

Alcoda Software Obligations

All products are services from Alcoda Software must be delivered to the customer in an agreed upon time frame and condition and must follow the Acceptable Use Policy. The agreement will detail the time frame in which the products or services are to be delivered, and the general time frame Alcoda Software uses may be altered at any time, but the time frame for delivery in an agreement may not be altered, once the agreement has been put into place.

If the products or services are provided by Alcoda Software in a way that does not comply with the agreement and these terms and conditions, then Alcoda Software must provide the customer with a refund or a replacement. The refund or replacement must be of equal or greater value.

Alcoda Software must use all reasonable means to ensure that all products and services are delivered to customers in accordance with agreed upon timetables laid out in the contract. Exceptions will be made for holidays and days that are not part of Alcoda Software’s normal operating days, which may change at any time.

Alcoda Software is not liable for any delay in delivering services or products to customers when the customer is responsible for the delay or if the customer breaches the agreement.

Alcoda Software is not obligated to provide any services or products to customers that have not been detailed or referred to in the agreement or on the order form.

The customer acknowledges that Alcoda Software may not always be able to provide products or services that are free of error, especially since the products come from a third party and are not guaranteed or manufactured by Alcoda Software. The company does not guarantee the products to be free from errors, but does guarantee that it will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all products provided from a third party to the customer will be of the highest quality.

Customer service is guaranteed, and Alcoda Software will take every reasonable step to ensure that customers are provided with customer service in a timely manner and that such customer service meets or exceeds standards of business practices and customer services for the UK.

The risk of damage to products and the loss of products shall become the responsibility of the customer once said products are delivered.

The title for the products will not be passed on to the customer until Alcoda Software has received payment in full (in either cash or cleared sums) that are due it, in respect to the product.

Alcoda Software is required to keep all products in a safe condition until the time they are delivered to the customer. This includes all product keys, which may not be used by Alcoda Software or its employees, once the product key has been sold to the customer.

Alcoda Software may not disclose confidential information regarding the customer to third parties without the customer’s consent.

Customer Obligations

The customer is required to provide Alcoda Software with all the information and assistance necessary to fulfill its agreement obligations. The customer will fully cooperate with Alcoda Software and act in good faith with both the company and any third-party providers. The customer shall provide Alcoda Software with reasonable access to software, hardware and the customer’s equipment through remote access in order for the company to carry out its servicing obligations.

If the customer provides inaccurate information to Alcoda Software, then the customer will be responsible for any costs accrued in wasted time and resources that Alcoda Software has suffered as a result.

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