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Seeking for the best? Are you someone who wants to have the latest and the finest there is? It's 2017 and Microsoft's Windows 10 is just that, at the top. It took the title back in 2015 as the best operating system and continues to own it.

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Windows 10

It has become the ideal operating system and what people were hoping for. It brings with itself a sizeable number of new features, upgrades and improvements. Even though Windows 10 still has the Metro design, it has been so much improved that we can't even begin to recognise parts of it. It's like a whole new world filled with tenderness and blossom.

Windows 10 introduces to us what Microsoft calls universal apps, it's an expansion on the Metro-style apps and allows developers to build and run their apps across multiple Microsoft device families like PCs, tablets, smartphones and much more with almost identical code. It has certainly made development more fun and easier, so if you are a developer, Windows 10 is just for you.

Personal assistant

Ever wanted to communicate with your computer, to speak and ask questions? Windows 10 brings you Cortana. Cortana is a digital assistant that is there to entertain you and help you get things done. Cortana is there at any time that you need her and all you need to say is Hey Cortana.

Don't worry, you aren't the only one getting used to Cortana, Cortana is getting used to you too. She collects data and learns about you and the more you use Cortana the more personalized your experience with her will be.

She can do from simple tasks like chit chats, find facts or giving you the today's forecast to managing your reminders that she'll make, track packages, send emails, manage your calendar and a ton more. Buying my Windows 10 product key has made my life easier and faster thanks to all their features.

This is Spartan!

Microsoft has left Internet Explorer and introduced to us not just another Web browser, but a whole new way to search the Internet and that's Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge code named Spartan uses a new engine and comes with a large number of features. Microsoft Edge integrates with Cortana and provides voice control, search functionality, and dynamic, personalised information related to searches within the address bar making everything simple, faster and better.

Spread your windows

You will never run out of space again! Windows 10 introduced to us virtual desktops, a new feature that allows us to have more space and the freedom we wanted.

You can easily manage your space and re-organise your groups as tasks evolve. It's time to have a clean environment for us to work in without getting lost.

Play like it's real life

Probably the biggest thing for us gamers there was, DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0.
You really can't enjoy games without these, they make things look so real and the performance increase was huge.

Windows Display Driver Model 2.0 or shortly called WDDM2.0 is the graphic driver architecture for video card drivers for systems running on Microsoft Windows 10. WDDM provides the functionality required to render the desktop and applications using Desktop Window Manager, a compositing window manager running on top of Direct3D.

DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces for handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming and video, and DirectX 12 makes it both easy and a blast.

Upgrade now

If you care about your PC, if you want to make it faster and better, buy Windows 10. Everything of anything runs faster, the startup, the shutdowns, searching the Web, playing games with more fps, you name it. We are offering you the fastest way to buy the Windows 10 product key and at the end of the day you will be thanking yourself.

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